Ever since he was a young boy the guitar has always been vital for Timo Brauwers. One important stage in his professional career was his time at the HOGESCHOOL VOOR DE KUNSTEN in Arnhem (NL), where he studied Jazz- and Popularguitar. It was in those days that he started playing the steelstring-guitar and Timo realized that it is this very instrument which helps him to express emotions and moods with an acoustic guitar. Since then Timo has composed many songs, ranging from melancholic to sad and happy. He has played many concerts in the field of acoustic music, e.g. as support of Franco Morone, Joscho Stephan and Petteri Sariola.

One year after a promotional CD Timo released his debut CD ON MY WAY (via Sony Music) in 2010. Because of this CD he was awarded the first prize as Best Instrumental Solo Artist and the second prize as Best Guitarist in the German Rock and Pop Award in December 2010.

Since 2011 Timo actively co-organises the VIERSENER GITARRENTAGE (Viersen Guitar Days), an event of three days in which both nationally and internationally renowned artist perform and do workshops.

The year 2014 brought some changes along, as Timo founded his own label ACOUSTIC DELITE, alongside with Andreas Lehnen, Achim Buschmann and Bernd Buschmann. ACOUSTIC DELITE sees its main task in supporting local artists from the Viersen area as well as offering advice and encouragement when it comes to CD productions as well as gigs.

In October 2014 Timo released his second album JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN via his own label, also winning him prizes in the German Rock and Pop Award. Two years later, in 2016, Timo was offered six valuable BREEDLOVE guitars to perform six of his own songs. Happily he accepted this generous offer and released his first EP 1st SELECTION.

2018 sees Timo breaking fresh ground with his new album AFTER THE STORM. Along with his virtuous guitar playing Timo takes the microphone for the first time. By doing so he gives an intimate and emotional insight into his life’s recent ups and downs. A further highlight is the song Deep Down for which Timo could win the Finnish guitarist Petteri Sariola.
An absolute delight for all fans of modern fingerstyle-guitar which has already brought along some media coverage in professional magazine, three prizes in the German Rock and Pop Award as well as the first place in WDR2 – Szene im Westen (music scene West) on the 25.3.2019.

Even though his focus still lies with the acoustic guitar, Timo also enjoys playing other genres, when he performs with his different bands in pop, rock or metal gigs. Musical diversity is important for him which everyone in the audience cannot help but notice. Besides all that Timo has been passing on his knowledge to his guitar-students since 1999.