At the age of 9 years Timo Brauwers discovered the guitar for himself. He started taking lessons and realized how playing the guitar helped him to express himself. Since the age of 12, he has actively contributed to different musical projects as a musician and can now look back on a set of live performances including rock, pop, metal and jazz.

Timo Brauwers played even more intensely and the music became absolutely vital for him. Since he wanted to gain an even deeper understanding of the guitar with all its different facets, he started college courses at Arnhem’s “Hogeschool for de Kunsten”, focusing on Jazz and Popular Guitar Studies. It was during his studies that Timo understood what major part the guitar would play in his future life.

Since 2000, Timo Brauwers discovered the steel string acoustic guitar and was immediately fascinated by its enormous potential to express his inner feelings and moods. In these times Timo composed many songs that went straight to the heart of the listener including sad and melancholic ones as well as light and joyful tunes. Many live performances – among others supporting Franco Morone – led the way to his first promotion CD in 2009, followed by his 2010 debut CD “On My Way” for Sony Music. In December 2010 this album won Timo the first prize as “Best Instrumental Solo Musician” and the second as “Best Guitar Player” at the German Rock and Pop Music Award.

Since 2011, Timo Brauwers has organized the “Viersener Gitarrentage”, an annual festival of guitar music in Viersen, where nationally and internationally renowned artists join for three days to perform in concerts and offer workshops. In 2014 Timo founded his own label ACOUSTIC DELITE together with Andreas Lehnen, Achim Buschmann and Bernd Buschmann. His second CD “Journey To The Unknown” was published there in October 2014. The label wants to promote promising artists with a local or regional background, helping them with CD productions and stage performances through know-how and commitment.

Despite the fact that the acoustic guitar will always be at the center of his interests, Timo has more than one string to his guitar. Playing also rock and metal concerts with his various bands shows his commitment to these musical styles as well, and there is no better way to find out about his love for musical diversity than joining Timo Brauwers at one of his concerts.

Being a guitar teacher and working together with young guitar enthusiasts makes it possible for him to share his huge experience with the next generation of guitar talents.

Living without music? Unimaginable for Timo Brauwers!